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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2017 12:15pm-12:31pm CET

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and survivors have come together for this. the fire killed seventy one people and many others lost their homes let's stay on the live pictures coming to you from london. we have to leave it there thank you very much for the. news coming to you from but in helena has her business update for you she'll be with you shortly. if your cat. migration and asylum seekers remain hot topics in europe with european politicians trying to provide on service long time soon plenty white folk might cause you're a hundred refugee crisis inside loops and
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a look at the cost of this week on d w. they make a commitment. they find solutions. for. africa the most. stories of both people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent. has new multimedia series for africa. dot com africa on the move. now to. the federal reserve says the u.s. economy is on a solid ground raising interest rates for the third time this year the european central bank. in the euro zone recovery it's final big meeting.
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and in seoul that austrian ally neatly ceases operations today potentially stranding passengers and cuts off the lufthansa drops its bid to take every advantage in subsidiary of the e.u. cartel concerns. this is your business update i'm having a home free in berlin thanks for joining me in the united states the fed pushed the benchmark interest rate to between one point two five and one point five the said is the third time that the fed chair janet yellen has raised interest rates this year in the move is being seen as a vote of confidence that the country's economy is on solid footing now in light of the global recession the fed has held rates it needs erode it started to raise rates again for the first time in twenty fifteen and since then they've been gently to ease the economy back into rates driven monetary policy the central bank said it expects the job market and the economy to strengthen further predicts three more rate rises next year. well let's talk now about this with sasha stephan finance
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analyst from the frankfurt school of finance and management sascha the fed's raised rates by a quarter of a percent to the fed members did vote against that increase those are any reasons to be concerned about u.s. economic growth. i don't think so i think there was a decision to increase the rates again was based on solid economic growth over the past quarters and all the expectation of that gross continuing into the future particularly embedded into a global growth overall so there's always people might be concerned oh it is the wage growth in sufficient is the g.d.p. growth sufficient but i don't think to be worried about or that we have to be worried about your economic course in the u.s. so you know concerned about the tax reform and increasing the deficit in the u.s. and hurting growth there. i don't think i think the overall opinion is that the of the tax reform is going to increase growth overall the question is whether it can
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be to the extend as opposed by the administration so there is going to be an expected increase in the debts but i think the monetary policy decision is fairly separate from the decision of the administration all right give us your take on the e.c.b. meeting then today can we finally say expect mario that actually to notch rates northwards. i don't things i don't think that there's any surprise here i don't see any interest increase this year also not next year the question i think is going to be what's what's happening to the to the bond buying programs all right so if not now then when. so in terms of interest increase i think we don't have to expect anything here before the bond by purchase probably have to be terminated i think what we have to look out for sometimes of rhetoric as to what these of the officials say in terms of how strong economic growth is not in particular countries but overall across the eurozone but i think that we don't have to expect anything
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concrete and terms of when the bond buying program going to be terminated at some point though the least monetary policy will have to be wrapped up because it's certainly been very expensive do you think that it's done its job. i think it's a particularly those the recent bond buying programs are working but it takes sometimes it takes several quarters until these programs actually trip a dollar into trickle down into the economy through various channels so things are working but also the the time that it takes is also one of the determinants of why the e.c.b. is not going to make a very clear decision as to when to and has been five programs that stefan finance analyst at the frank that school of finance and management thankee. well the meeting of the world trade organization in one insiders has ended in discord a three day summit of world trade ministers failed to solve any of the most pressing
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issues in light of the lack of progress the director general called on the body to do some quote soul searching no agreement on agricultural reforms no agreement on scrapping subsidies that supports illegal fishing no agreement even on a joint closing statement there was some lip service paid to the importance of the w t o but ultimately for director general roberto azevedo the words help little waste what is disappointing is that this support that's not translate into action if we really all support that that would show if we really do we have to bear in mind that multilateralism doesn't mean that we get what we want it means that we get what is possible it's not comparable to expect multilateralism to work and at the same time expect to walk out with
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everything you want. speaking of walking out earlier in the week u.s. trade representative robert life hisor accused the w t o of losing its focus on trade and becoming a litigation centered organization he then proceeded to leave the meeting early. on the streets outside thousands of demonstrators marched to protest against what they see as the effects of multi-lateralism greater inequality and weaker workers' rights with their representatives unable to reach any meaningful consensus their conviction that globalization has failed is only likely to strengthen. the austrian airline and he is insolvent and flights will cease today is a subsidiary of the bankrupt german carrier was set to be sold off to live tense for the german airline who has withdrawn its bid after you compositional thought he
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cited cartel concerns around one thousand employees are expected to lose their jobs and thousands of passengers might find themselves stranded meanwhile evidence bankruptcy administrator is trying to find a new boss and make it so far no one else has come forward well joining me now is aviation journalist and they are from hamburg and do we know what happened to those passengers. apparently many of them are stranded in foreign countries government was trying to assemble a kind of an emergency flight tractor assemblies to get people home with the charted aircraft if that actually materializes it's not clear yet i mean if tents are dropped its plan perch said nikky over anti trust concerns do you have an idea he might you know step in for nikki. at the moment i'm not very optimistic that anybody will step in because we haven't seen anybody coming forward since the news
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came yesterday there was brief talk of the travel company thomas cook might be interested they had actually earlier in the process they had ventured to bid with together with niki lauda the founder of the airline but it never materialized and niki lauda himself the austrian former race driver has even said last night again that he would be interested in bidding for his former outline but he actually has said this very often in this whole process since all this but abol invent went bankrupt and he never actually came forward with an actual bit of anything so i'm a bit skeptical about that and trust why does it seem that nicky's just proving rather unpopular is actually a fairly small asset and the question is it was suppose it was regarded as like the crown jewel of the former aberdeen assets but now it turns out it might be more like a hollow shell like in name only and a thousand employees it actually doesn't own very many aircraft anymore as they have been already shifted around among us sort of
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a given back even or transferred to your wings even so it's not totally clear besides the name what this small holiday on really consists of at the moment so that's why interest has been overwhelming so far since yesterday and dress what does all this mean for holiday travel plans because we've also got a bit of chaos regarding ryanair as well indeed of course the timing of anything going wrong in the industry before christmas is the worst ever and it's really unclear at the moment as parody explodes really many people twenty days maybe have been turned back already to kind of cancel the holiday as there was no fighting with nicky bankrupt. generous and straight joining us from hamburg good to talk to me thank you. meanwhile one part of the about a business has already been sold off its freight division has gone to the family only just six company zite which office expressed a livery by at. this is the site of the berlin based transport company site
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faffed where trucks come to pick up containers but delays on the roads have prompted the company to consider new delivery options. of traffic jams and construction sites on the highways make it harder to maintain the flow of goods national is especially xpress deliveries. that got us thinking that there could be a market for transporting exist fresh events to customers by air. and. with this in mind sight fast purchased several planes from a mid-sized carrier it also acquired the freight division that belonged to insolvent abilene saving sixty five jobs site fast will benefit from the workers experience exploiting unused space in lucky child's to carry express shipments c.e.o. . believes traveling by air as well as on the road will help him speed up deliveries
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with. up until now you have to get the cargo to the transporter by evening time for delivery the following morning or afternoon. that's because the cargo was transported by trucks overnight which will come in the future we'll be able to deliver some express packages on the same day our. he's also keeping a keen eye on discount airlines such as ryanair euro wings and easy jet high baggage costs mean there's often space left in their cargo holds but if that fails he can always use his own aircraft. outside europe today with the latest from the world of business for more find us on facebook follow us on twitter d w underscore business bye for now.
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a childhood lost. on us works twelve ellison day. she's a syrian refugee in turkey. instead of going to school she goes to work in a textile factory. the family claims there's no alternative.
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but is that when the truth. next d.w. . entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful two months ago both those most famous investigative journalist daphne car on the jellied syria was assassinated in a car bomb and for years she talked at the top of the tissues of the business leaders my guest here in valetta is the deputy prime minister chris klug has his government allow be a muggle so the mafia avon. in sixty minutes on t.w.a. to the. west bank is and germany is a strong country. and we have achieved so much we can do this. and if something hinders us we must overcome it india. going where it's uncomfortable global news
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that matters w made for mines. images from an isolated country images from the north korea. and italians a target for captured fascinating shots of everyday life in a regimented society. the north korean diary starting december twenty eighth on t.w. . hello and welcome to focus on europe on missile henery it's good of you to join us here in germany the days are getting shorter and up.


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